Why Many are Reluctant to Use Open Source Software

Open Source Software is a type of software that is normally free for usage. The source codes of open software are readily available for users to use, modify and redistribute the code.

Despite the freedom with limit control of using open source software, many are still reluctant to use it. To many, open source software is good since it allows software programmers to contribute their quota in the computing village.

Most people believe that the value of software depends on the price of the software. Some computer users believe that anything free in the computing world is of inferior quality. Since I am a lover of open source software, I don’t believe in this myth. Many open source software are even of a better quality that most of the paid software.

Free in the contest of Open Source Software amounts to free sharing of information among the computing community as well as the freedom to customize the source code to the choice of the user. Free is not inferior.

Most of the pessimists of Open Source Software also believe that it is against human nature for people to give out their intellectual properties and time in such a free manner. Yes, some times Open Source software are not actually free in the actual sense. Some of the Open Source Software may either directly or indirectly, may be advertising a company or promoting a product. Actually, noting in this world is absolutely free. Event this article you are currently reading is not absolutely free.

However, we have to appreciate something that is good even though it is free within the limit we can see. If you have an Open Source Software you are currently using, Enjoy it for good things are not always available.