National Criminal Records – Browsing Them the Affordable Way

It might surprise you to learn that one day you might need to browse the National Criminal Records. What if you’re considering hiring a person who is actually an escaped felon? Normal background checks would not be sufficient if they committed their serious crime in another state. Thus there can be a need to learn how to run a national criminal background check.

One could acquire access to these records through an agent, such as a detective agency or private detective, which is a rather expensive option. But there are more affordable alternatives, such as a national database. Access to such a database affords information on millions of public and private records, covering up to 90% of the people in America. This can go a long way towards providing comprehensive information about another person or persons.

There are basically two options for conducting a background check from a national database. One is pay-per-search, where you pay a single fee to search and obtain information about a single person. In this scenario, it gets quite expensive if you have a large number of individuals who need to be vetted.

The other option is a membership with a paid service that provides national criminal records for background checks. These memberships can range in length from a few months to one year, with fees as high as $ 40 per year. This may be the preferable option if you have quite a number of people to check on, as now the unit cost per person becomes much more manageable.