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Microfinance Software Solutions

Started in 2005 Paripoorna Software solutions services is a technology service provider with a prime focus on the microfinance industry and other bottom of the pyramid business. The company brings with itself decades of IT experience with the top management specializing in various verticals. Paripoorna is committed to the creation of a powerful global brand characterized by integrity with a strong focus on the rural and bottom of the pyramid sector. PSSS provides a variety of services to fulfill every corporates IT needs. Our unique pay after use model is a huge success among start-ups and growing companies. Over the years we have won many accolades from our clients for our top quality services and our never ending dedication. Paripoorna ensures that their solution seamlessly integrates into the clients existing IT infrastructure. Paripoorna is a highly client friendly organization, every product & service offered by PSSS is top of the class and is developed based on the requirements of the client. We dont force our services to clients who dont need it. Paripoorna offers a variety of products & services like Application Development Services, Application Maintenance Outsourcing, Infrastructure Management Services, data Warehousing & Business Intelligence etc. Our flagship product Beacon is a highly renowned microfinance product used widely used by both large & growing MFIs. Our expertise spans across various industries like microfinance, banking & finance, insurance, travel, real estate and many more. Paripoorna is budding to be one of the sought after places to work at. Headquartered in Chennai, India PSSS has its offices in Velachery & Alwarpet.

PSSS is also part of various industry associations and forums like NASSCOM, CGAP etc.

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