How to Convert Delphi to C#

Has your company considered converting Delphi to C#? Normally, this would require a programmer to write the application from scratch, which could take months to complete. It could cost the company thousands of dollars as well. Not to mention the fact that human error may damage the rewriting process, costing the company and project even more time to complete.

There is an easier way to convert to C# than rewriting. Code conversion software can convert Delphi to C# in minutes, with some code conversions converting up to 50 lines per second. The code conversion engine can convert numerous user interface controls, a variety of data types, many UI events, and a full range of operators. The product converts Delphi applications from versions 2-7 and standard Delphi database connections. It also converts file access, application spawning, crystal reports viewer, hundreds of Delphi key functions, and more. It creates a .NET 2.0 based code and a Visual Studio 2005 project.

There are numerous benefits for using a code conversion engine. First, your company can save thousands of dollars and months of time. Next, many companies that offer code conversion guarantee of one hundred percent conversion or you get the service for free. Also, the code conversion engine has greater precision than a rewriting programmer from scratch. The engine can also preserve years of fixes and enhancements. The engine is fairly simple to use and teaches you C# and .NET, which gives you the knowledge to convert codes for others. Often, you can even get free telephone and email support with quick response times.

So is your company ready to try a code conversion engine? To convert Delphi to C# look for code conversion software that can convert Delphi and other applications to C#.