Become the Hunted! Dump Your Phone Book!

Become the HUNTED! Dump your phone book!

Advertising or marketing is KEY to getting clients for your business! Any experienced CEO will tell you that quality DOES matter when it comes to getting the right kind of marketing for their products & services. Like with any product line these days there are the “cheap” items and the “quality” items. The same is true for advertising. If you are going to invest in advertising, which you must, there is one thing you should know…BECOME THE HUNTED!


Traditional advertising is Phone Books. Unfortunately they are very expensive and only generate a local market. The average company spends $8,000 – $10,000 a year on phone book advertising, and experiences about a 10% return. With SEO optimization for your website you can spend a lot less and generate 41% return, plus now you have a global market.

The ever growing increase of high speed internet access, both at the office and at the home, has pushed this even further. There are currently over 200 million internet users within the U.S. alone and over one billion internet users worldwide.

When online users were asked how they found the websites they purchased from, a survey from DoubleClick revealed the following results:

Search Engines : 41%

Guessed URL    : 28%

Word Of Mouth : 13%

Print Ad           : 10%

TV Ad              : 9%

Email Ad          : 8%

Outdoor Ad      : 3%

No surprise, Google currently holds the #1 spot. We remember when Yahoo was king and Google had yet to be born. In the early days there were a dozen or more search engines considered to be major players.

Today, Google, Yahoo and MSN collectively dominate over 95% of all search engine traffic (keep in mind that AOL pulls their results from Google as well). Thus, when it comes to search engine optimization and search engine services, our main focus is generating top positions within the big three – Google, Yahoo & MSN.

On top of this, the pre-qualification of search engine generated leads is historically higher than those that come from other forms of conventional advertising (such as print ads, direct mail and tradeshows).

These are not people that you had to hunt for, these are people who are hunting for you!  Knowing the specific keywords that they are using AND being found at the top of the major search engines for these various search terms should be a top priority in your overall marketing plan. Our clients have seen incredible results from our search engine placement services.

“Over 80% of search engine users find what they are looking for within the first three pages. Sales leads made from keyword and phrase searches are the most qualified and have the highest purchase probability.”

– Forrester Reports

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